7 Days Womyn Voice Awakening Retreat

2020 Dates: June 16 - 22

A retreat that will open your voice. Clear blockages from your throat chakra. Empower you to speak your truth. Help you to stand confidently and firmly in your feminine power and intuitive knowing.

With a small group of only 6 women, we will work every day diligently to unfold the energy that sits within our throat and vocal organ. Creating more awareness for the language we use, words we speak and sounds we produce.

Accompanied with a daily meditation practice of silent stillness, daily yoga movement to ease tension and make the body more flexible, nature walks and active nature listening.

The main highlights of this retreat will be daily voice exercises, singing circles and sound baths. You will get familiar with the medicine within pure sounds, and instruments such as the medicine drum, guitar, and crystal singing bowls.

7 days full of sound healing will release you with a new sense of vibration and understanding of frequencies.


- women only retreat

- daily voice exercises

- singing techniques

- learning medicine songs and mantras

- a small group with attention to individual progress

- one private voice session with Eva

- singing circles

- healing sound baths

- sharing circle about divine feminine energy activation

- connecting with the pure angelic frequencies of crystal singing bowls

- intention setting rituals

- ceremonial cacao experiences to connect with our intuition


- private healing session with Orpheus B (Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation and Acupuncture)

A deep immersion into your inner space to open up your energetic body. Learn about and enjoy the power of sound. While the yoga practice will open all your channels to receive, healing sound baths will take you on a deep restorative journey through your deeper layers. Healing Sounds will accompany evening yoga classes as you merge from savasana into a angelic sound bath with crystal singing bowls and vocal harmonics.

About the Alchemy Sonic Experience:

Crystal Sound Alchemy™ is a new ascension technology that is advancing the traditional sound healing therapy with crystal singing bowls into the next generation of alchemical quantum transformation. While the outdated system is still relying on the structural distribution of energy centres in the body, called the chakra system, the new crystal-alchemy sound bowls allow to reach beyond the known rigid set up of notes in relation to chakras. The process of melting and merging 99.99% pure quartz crystal with precious gemstones and metals, together with an infused set of intentions for each alchemy bowl, gives the sonic properties of each bowl an expanded frequency range that is reaching far ahead of the audible effect. The Crystal Sound Alchemy™ is a journey into the cellular level of reality, into the consciousness of the divine universe within and all around.


Example Itinerary

7.30 am wake up meditation

8 - 9 am good morning yoga

9 - 10 am lush breakfast with fresh fruit, nuts and cereal

midday free time and relaxation - absorbing the rich jungle nature, natural sounds, fresh rivers and waters of our natural home pool - Time for Private Sessions

2 pm bombastic green salad and vegetable lunch

4 - 5:30 pm "Activate your Voice" Workshop

5:30 - 6:30 pm Sound Healing Journey

7 pm warming dinner (Vegetable Soup or Stew)

Evening relaxation and integration


1990 $ Private Jungle Cabin with private shower, toilet & kitchenette (2 spots available for single occupancy)

1490 $ Shared Twin-room in B House shared bathroom (4 spots available)

1190 $ Open Jungle Zen Cabin (2 spots available)

Early Bird Offering until April 1st - 20% off your selected package.

4 Days Sound Healing Detox Immersion - Sacred Sound, Singing and Yoga Retreat


Clearing your mental and physical space to step into wellness

This Sound Healing Detox Immersion was created with the intention to open a window of wellness for all your senses. *Combining: Clean and light food to detox your body

*Gentle and Therapeutic Yoga movement to release tension

*And relaxing soundscape meditations

All together will help you to come into a deeper sense of SELF. Let behind your daily life to nourish and enrich yourself by the beautiful surrounding of pristine nature, pure spring water and our natural pool to refresh your senses.


- Twice Daily Movement of gentle Yoga And Qigong

- Daily Sound Bath with Healing Crystal Singing Bowls

- Daily Fresh Fruit and Salat Buffet (Organic Farm to Table)

- Voice activation and Singing Workshop

- Personal Healing Sessions with Acupuncture and Sound Healing upon request